The Best Option for Your Gravel Driveway 

A little work goes a long way. Fortunately for you, that's exactly what Country Road offers. Our team is efficient, knowledgeable, and built to serve. We are well equipped with specialized machines that enable us to provide you with the best possible driveway within your budget. During an in person assessment we can help you choose from various gravel options and provide an estimate which fits your needs. Whether it is a driveway or parking area, call today to speak to a specialist and have your questions answered. 

 What we do 

We take the worry out of driveway maintenance by implementing a Country Road developed process that is straight forward and effective; it's a matter of grinding, grading, and compacting. Whether you're interested in simply reclaiming and utilizing what is already in place or adding a new, durable layer of gravel, we have the tools for the job. Our fleet of ride-on skid steers and their numerous, versatile attachments, allow us to be agile and highly productive.

We'll Provide You With a Same Day Response And Estimate

The most basic option we offer involves only using the material you already have on your driveway or parking area. Maybe you've added gravel in the last few years but it's a bit rutted out. We grind it up with our power rake, smooth it out and reshape it with our custom grader, and finally compact it with our roller. Sometimes this is all you need.

It's likely you'll need some additional gravel added to your driveway. Our prep work is the same as we've described above. When the road is reshaped and the potholes are eliminated we then add gravel. We then smooth that out and compact with a roller. 

Our premium/recommended option includes adding a base layer of 1-1/4" crushed rock before adding the top layer of your choosing. This will provide the very best option for drainage and longevity. It will withstand high traffic and should last a long while with very little maintenance. The base layer adds a great shape which locks in top layer beautifully. 








Treat Yourself

Is the transit to and from your residence a hassle? Are the divots and potholes that worsen with each season driving you mad? We are familiar with the wet, stormy Northwest weather that can take a serious toll on roadways, exacerbating already poor road conditions. Let us work for you and retrofit your gravel driveway to prevent unwanted lumps and bumps. Whether you are in need of maintenance, a new layer of gravel, or improved drainage, Country Road does it all.