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Whidbey Island

A large portion, if not a majority, of residents on Whidbey Island live in a rural setting. This is perhaps what attracts those who move here; quiet, wooded communities or those with spectacular bluff views. One variable that many of them share in common are long, windy, gravel driveways. Between car traffic and the relentless battering of the elements, these driveways are susceptible to deterioration. That is where Country Road began...

The Crew 

Currently, the business consists of two full time Whidbey natives, Clayton Reaves and Angus Jones. Born to landscapers and brought up in hard working households, the wiles of the metropolitan lifestyle could not serve to satisfy our earthier interests. Fortunately, Clayton recognized a need within our rural community (affordable maintenance for many gravel driveways) and utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic, Country Road Driveways was born. Today we spend our days outdoors putting to work this specialty trade that we have cultivated, while also adding value to property and lives abounds. 


Welcome Grey! 

We recently added a new team member. Grey! They're turning out to be a very valuable asset to the team. An extremely fast learner with a great attention to detail. Very excited to have you aboard, Grey!

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