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Clayton Reaves, Founder 

A Whidbey Island Native, Clayton moved back to Whidbey Island from abroad to start a business. It seemed there lacked a responsive service to address the many gravel roads on the island. Since Country Road's inception in 2016 we've been able to improve 500+ gravel driveways. We're always improving our process on the way to becoming a great stalwart company of Whidbey Island and beyond.  


Angus has been here since the beginning of Country Road. He's a Whidbey native who returned after finishing College in Bellingham. Being an integral part to the development of Country Road we're hoping we can keep him around for many years to come. 

Welcome Gavin! 

We recently added a new team member. Grey! They're turning out to be a very valuable asset to the team. An extremely fast learner with a great attention to detail. Very excited to have you aboard, Gavin!

Welcome Anders! 

Anders was brought on board this Summer for some part time work and he did so well we've decided to make is role more permanent. He's a great help uplifts all our days!

Welcome Kerry! 

Kerry is the glue that keeps our t's crossed and i's dotted. She is essential in making sure our administrative duties are handled properly and on time. Thank you, Kerry.